Finish line for Senior Week

Shannon Sousa

As Senior Week comes closer, with only 50 days left, committee members are coming close to the finish line with their preparations.

During last Friday’s Senior Week meeting, committee members arrived with a finalized schedule of events arranged for the celebration in May. Each event manager sat in chairs around the table to report on their completed event, and to announce any small materials needed.

Now moving on to the details, committee members spoke with Rocky Progano who is in charge of creating the annual slideshow during the banquet dinner on Friday of Senior Week. Progano said the slideshow would include photos submitted by the senior class accompanied by music tracks and a class theme. The slideshow would run approximately 15 minutes in length.

Co-coordinator Austin Ashe asked one or two committee members to assist Progano by collecting the submitted photos and scanning them for the final production.

Committee members helping with the slideshow production will pass out sign-up sheets to senior participants at the information sessions this month. Seniors will then have time to collect photos and hand-in the application to the committee.

Public Relations Representative Rich Grassia posted the final schedule of events on the Senior Week website. Seniors can now log onto the website at, to read up on any new information about the week.

The Senior Week theme and T-shirt logo is still undecided as of last week’s meeting. Seniors are encouraged to give their suggestions and opinions toward any part of the week celebration.

For questions about Senior Week, e-mail Felicity Melillo and/or Austin Ashe at their respective Quinnipiac e-mail addresses, and look for next week’s follow up in The Chronicle.