Quinnipiac to get ‘little ones’ for the weekend

Bethany Dionne

Little Siblings Weekend is almost here, so get out your pajamas and get ready for some fun.

On Saturday April 5 and Sunday April 6 don’t be surprised if you see lots of little guys running around because it’s time for students to spend time with their younger brothers and sisters from age five to twelve. All day and night, there will be games and events for the students and kids to experience together.

This Student Affairs sponsored event has been in the works since the fall and everyone has been planning and working hard to make this special weekend a success. The Student Government Association, Residence Hall Council and APO, the service sorority, are also helping out and donating their time and money to help increase the fun and excitement.

“I think it’s really great that students can be involved in a program like this,” said Jodi Bailey, the Ledges Residence Hall Director. “They can spend time with siblings and have events planned they both will enjoy that they don’t have to pay for.”

Bailey had many positive things to say about this exciting event. She has done a lot to plan the weekend and is hoping for a great experience by all.

Some invents will include a Moonbounce, a free Barbeque on Saturday night, arts and crafts throughout the day, sports to play and watch throughout the day, a mini-carnival, a dance for the kids and the movie Harry Potter will be shown to end the night.

All meals are provided and the program is free for siblings.

This year, the theme for the weekend is Monsters Inc., so many of the arts and crafts and games will have to do with the movie. The first 200 kids to show up will get free T-shirts. Next year, they are looking into hiring a small band to play.