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    War touches QU

    War is a topic that is consuming the minds of people the world over. The war has created turmoil and anxiety with the people in the United States and fear and anticipation with those fighting the war overseas.

    Most people remember where they were the day President Bush issued a 48-hour count down for Saddam Hussein to get out of Iraq.

    Most people were going about their everyday lives. They turned on the television at night to watch the President give his speech. President Bush concluded he would give Saddam and his sons 48 hours to get out of Iraq.

    As the 48-hour count down slowly came to an end, many people were glued to their television screens, watching with anticipation as to what was going to happen next. When the time reached 8pm, Americans sat and watched TV, witnessing history, knowing this moment in time would change their lives drastically.

    The students on the campus at Quinnipiac University have different views on the war.

    “It was inevitable for us to go to war. President Bush made so many ultimatums with Saddam Hussein, that if we did not act on these threats, future statements made by President Bush would be viewed as not credible” said sophomore Kerry Fitzpatrick. ” I am a little nervous about everything that is going on because my family lives in New York City. This is a site that has already been affected and is potential for being a target for terrorists.”

    People are dealing with the personal effects the war has created for them. “I like to be updated by watching the news every so often to find out what is going on” said Fitzpatrick.

    Some students are affected more personally than others. One student has a couple friends he has grown up with that are in the military.

    “I was nervous to hear my friends were going to be in the war, but now I am proud thinking my friends are fighting for something I believe in” said Sean Clark, a sophomore at Quinnipiac University.

    Clark reads the newspaper daily to find out what is going on in the war. ” I am scared something will happen over here in the United States. We are just waiting” said Clark. “It is a good idea we went to war because we are protecting our nation from being harmed.”

    Students around the campus are being affected by the war with Iraq in different ways.

    Some students are being more personally touched than others. Regardless of how students are touched by the war, one thing remains the same. The citizens of the United States want freedom and peace to prevail over all else.

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