The real motives behind an invasion of Iraq (Mickey Fienstein)

Mickey Feinstein

And so at last it comes to war…there’s little I can write that hasn’t been already said. But there is something fundamentally wrong with a nation so twisted by tragedy that the blood is rushing to our heads. 9/11 happened. It was among the most devastating days in American history. Yet that doesn’t give us a right to go play payback on nations that had nothing to do with bin Laden. We’re already waging a War on Terror. That’s not enough? We need to ask ourselves for just a split-second…would we be over in the Persian Gulf, picking a fight and potentially starting World War III, if it weren’t for the WTC attacks?

I personally don’t believe so. We are a rational thinking nation with rational thinking people…at least above the Mason Dixon line. All kidding aside, this is a perfect example of how we can’t let the terrorists run our lives. We are no doubt a changed nation since the attacks. But changed how? Have we become inherently more violent? Aggressive? Unreasonable? Belligerent? These are questions we need to ask ourselves.

In every speech our noble President has delivered about Iraq he brings up 9/11. Why? Obviously people are still hurting from the event. Osama bin Laden represents the most gruesome and grotesque of serious crimes. Saddam is essentially being nailed for income tax evasion with invasion. In all honesty, Enron CEOs posed much more danger to America’s stability then the Iraqi dictator.

The purpose of my article was a quest to find new angles to wake others up to the idiocy of this war…because conventional methods have not. So think about it, folks. The die has been cast, we’re going to war. Even if we succeed we will fail. We will fail to uphold the dignity of America, the greatest nation that ever was, and instead decay and crumble into fleeting passions of vengeance. A war with Iraq is just plain stupid. It’s not going to erase 9/11. It could very well multiply it because these arrogant actions of our country are what fuels jihad in the first place. Am I rambling? I guess so. There’s no point in writing and there’s no point in reading. We’re all just Neanderthals anyway. I think I’ll go run for office.