Who is Neon Hitch?

Shannon Corcoran

In a pop music world filled with Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, One Direction and Justin Bieber, up-and-coming artists may get lost in the shuffle. One of which is Neon Hitch, the opener for the Student Programming Board’s Fall Concert on Oct. 27.

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However, chances are people have unknowingly heard some of Neon Hitch’s music. Remember Gym Class Hero’s song, “Ass Back Home?” Neon Hitch is the girl singing. And, with Hitch’s release of “Love U Betta,” she is gaining some popularity.

People probably haven’t heard of her since she’s only released singles and not an actual record yet. It was rumored on entertainment websites, such as Elle Magazine, as well as on Neon Hitch’s own site that her debut album would be released this in late 2012 or this summer. But nothing has been confirmed yet. Does this mean this London-based artist will make a career out of poppy radio singles? Hopefully not. Music has had too many one-hit wonders. Does anyone know where Daniel Powter went after “Bad Day” got old? Nope.

On Aug. 14, Hitch released a new single, “Gold,” featuring the rapper Tyga. A complete turnaround from “Love U Betta” and “Ass Back Home,” the track shows a softer side of the artist that listeners have yet to see. Maybe it’s from a potential album? If this is the case, listeners will be in for a treat. Hitch is talented and those attending the fall concert should anticipate the moment she comes on stage.