Living life as a dream

Kellie Gleeson

Getting an internship can be a long, stressful project. The initial composition of a resume is tragic enough, but the anxiety of waiting to secure a job can be more nerve-wracking.

For some, the feeling of sadness overtakes them when they find out they did not get a job, but, for others, the joy of success rings through their body.

One such student experienced this happy feeling. He not only got the internship of his dreams, but also found a place where he wants to spend his future.

Brian Berkowitz, a senior accounting major, is in the process of doing a three-month accounting internship at ESPN.

“I didn’t apply anywhere else,” said Berkowitz. ” I wanted to work somewhere that was flashy and had a big name. I love sports, so I decided on ESPN.”

With luck by his side, Berkowitz started on his journey. After three interviews and a referral, he found out that he was working with the accounting department of his favorite sports network.

“It was down to two people when I got to the last phone interview,” said Berkowitz. “When I got the job, I found out that I was the only one out of hundreds of applicants to receive an internship.”

On the job, Berkowitz will be working for three accounting departments: domestic, working with doing the books and accounting for the subsidiaries of ESPN; tax, doing the taxes for the subsidiaries; and general, doing the audits for the subsidiaries.

But, these are not the only accounting sections for ESPN.

“When I was told that I got the job. I was also told that eight out of the ten accounting departments wanted me,” said Berkowitz. “They had to place bids and the department with the hardest projects were the ones to get my help”

Within the departments, Berkowitz said he handles purchases, new projects, reports, and goes to meetings for future projects.

When working for a major sports network, employees would not be expected to meet all the sports legends seen on TV. Berkowitz said this is not the case.

“We don’t meet anyone. But, if we want we can go watch interviews being taped,” Berkowitz said. “We stand about ten feet away from the actual person.”

Berkowitz said working for a major network has many perks.

“I am around sports all day,” said Berkowitz. “People talk sports. There are televisions everywhere playing all the different ESPN stations. It is really cool.”

It is also a learning experience. Since working at the network, Berkowitz decided he wanted to learn more about private accounting, a field he was never interested in before.

“I didn’t know too much about this field before my internship,” said Berkowitz. “But now I really want to go into private accounting [working in a company’s accounting department instead of with an accounting firm]”

ESPN can also affect Berkowitz in the long run. Since starting the internship with the network, Berkowitz decided he wants to try to continue there after he graduates.

“They already told me that most of the interns get jobs there after they graduate. Their internship program is sort of a training program,” said Berkowitz. “I already have my foot in the door.”

The heads of the three departments he is working for will judge his fate with the company.

“At the end of the three months, the three managers will get together and then they will decide to offer me a job or not,” said Berkowitz. “It is a very fast moving company, so you have to be able to stay with the pace.”

Working at ESPN is also helping Berkowitz in school. He is learning more about time management and balance.

“It is really tough this semester. I am balancing working a full time job at ESPN, four days a week, four to seven hours a day, five classes, two of which are graduate classes, working at TGI Friday’s, being on the yearbook staff and trying to remain a senior in college,” said Berkowitz.

“If I ever had to pick a time where I had to manage myself, now would be that time.”

But even with a stressful schedule, Berkowitz is having a great semester.

“I love working at ESPN. I love working for the people. I love being surrounded by sports,” said Berkowitz. “It is really just a great place to be.”