Yearbook looks up for new name

Jenn Press

In the spirit of change, the yearbook has been renamed “The Summit.” With alterations to the Mascot and athletics name, the yearbook decided it was time for a new style as well.

In an effort to bring individuality to their organization, members decided to name the yearbook something other than a reflection of the school’s mascot, which was originally titled “The Brave.”

“We wanted to come up with a name that both reflected the Quinnipiac community and what the yearbook staff attempted to achieve through our yearly project and publication,” said Lauren O’Leary, editor in chief.

Many names were conjured up from the staff and then an ad was placed in the newspaper asking for community suggestions. A sign hung in the cafe for people to write suggestions, and the yearbook approached SGA and other organizations for suggestions. The finalists were Synergy, The Q, The Echo, The Laureate, Horizons, The Clock tower, In Focus, Exposure and Mercury.

The yearbook came up with a list of final four and voted, leading to the new name The Summit.

“The Summit was a suggestion that randomly and at the last minute came out at the final decision meeting,” said O’Leary. “We were just going down the list of names we had come up with and deciding whether or not to make them a final option. The Summit was a name suggested and immediately well received.”

O’Leary said the meaning behind the name was basically to insinuate that the Quinnipiac community is comprised of only the best; those who reach “the summit.”

“Moreover, it reflected the monumental effort that the members of the yearbook staff put into the making of the book in order to reach “the summit” of quality,” said O’Leary.