Album Review: Mumford & Sons Stay True to Themselves with ‘Babel’

Shannon Corcoran

After a debut record that launched London-based Mumford & Sons into the ears of millions, the band is back with its sophomore release, “Babel.” Every song is wonderfully written and perfectly produced, with lyrics that make this album seem more like a story.

“Babel” epitomizes what Mumford & Sons has come to be over the past few years. It’s a collection of folk-inspired songs that manages to fuse blues with country, creating a sound that’s perfect for easy listening and guaranteed to give fans an incredible live show.

“Hopeless Wanderer” may be the best song on the record and is definitely one of the best songs the foursome has released to date. Its mellow beginning that slowly picks up the pace keeps listeners on their toes, yet still encapsulates the Mumford & Sons’ sound that many have come to love.

The album’s title track “Babel,” as well as “Broken Crown” and “Lover of the Light,” all have the folksy sound and dark lyrics that wouldn’t work for many artists besides Mumford & Sons. And lead singer Marcus Mumford’s voice sets the band apart from anything on the radio today. His haunting and musky projection complements the band’s mystical lyrics and adds depth to the music.

The only downside to this record is there aren’t many unexpected elements. As much as people love the band’s sound, it’s predictable. There aren’t striking elements, which could have made “Babel” stand out and set it apart from their debut. However, “Babel” is nothing short of a crowd pleaser and will leave diehards and new fans alike happy.

Buy: “Hopeless Wanderer,” “Babel,” “Whispers in the Dark,” “The Boxer”
Skip: “Holland Road”
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars