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    Gym: working out or showing off?

    Although the gym is only a walk away, there are students on campus who do not want to risk ruining their designer sneakers to travel to the designated workout area.

    Many students are too concerned they will ruin their makeup by breaking a sweat, and others choose to spend more time preparing themselves than actually working out.

    “I attend a gym in West Hartford and have noticed that a lot of the people who go there do not appear to do any exercise, at least not while I am there,” said Alan Bruce, assistant professor of sociology. “I have also noticed that some of those at the gym wear clothing that seems unsuitable for exercising in.”

    This attire includes designer wear, lots of makeup and jewelry.

    “A number of people wear denim jeans and wool hats, and I recently saw one person running on a treadmill while wearing a denim jacket,” said Bruce. “There are also a lot of people who sit on exercise equipment and talk on their phones, but never seem to actually use the equipment for exercise.”

    There is a fine line between dressing up and dressing accordingly.

    “Sweatpants can be cute nowadays, but you can’t take it too far. You’re there to workout,” said senior Laurel Thoms, a body sculpting/abs instructor.

    Thoms said she doesn’t find it necessary to wear fancy attire to her classes, especially because they are mainly girls.

    “I don’t dress up for [my students], they don’t dress up for me,” said Thoms.

    Some use the gym as a meat market and are concerned to make a bad impression on the available bachelors at the gym.

    “The gym is a second home for many hot guys, and I, for one, would not be caught dead at the gym looking like crap,” said Michelle Lapidos, a senior.

    Some students are concerned about running into people they know, and prefer to look nice regardless of their surroundings.

    “I just think presentation is important,” said freshman Jordana Marshall. “My mom always told me never to leave the house without lip liner.”

    Others think that in order to look good in the future, they must look nice now.

    “It is important to me that I look good when I go to the gym,” said Lapidos. “It makes sense: I go to the gym so I can get into better shape and feel better about myself. She said that if she feels ugly when she is at the gym, she is less motivated to work out.

    “However, if I am wearing flattering clothes and some make-up on my face, I feel better about myself already,” she said.

    Others are more relaxed about their attire.

    “I don’t have anyone to impress,” said Thoms.

    Regardless of what fashion statements people are out to make, everyone has their own style and as most people seem to think that as long as they aren’t wasting time on machines, they can dress how they want.

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