Dear Shelly

Dear Shelly

Dear Shelly,

I consider Valentine’s Day to be a woman’s holiday. I want to give her something special, but do I have to clean out my wallet to show her how much I care?

Few funds, lots of love

Dear Few Funds,

Have you ever heard the saying, “It is not what you give, but the thought that counts?” I am sure each and every one of us has received a gift that we were quick to return and exchange.

I think most women would appreciate something that took you some time and effort, rather than the latest cd, which might have taken you five minutes to purchase.

Flowers and chocolates have been a common misconception of gifts of love.

Flowers might be flattering to a woman, but as any other living organism they wither and die, which should not be the symbol of your love, right?

Chocolates, well this present is a toss up. If your girlfriend is a chocoholic, then go ahead and help her satisfy her addiction. If she isn’t, then I would think up another present.

Being asked to be a Valentine is one of the sweetest, most innocent means of telling someone you care or that you think he or she is special.

Hallmark tries to make this statement for you out of convenience, and those who have no one to love will protest that we are victims to this card and candy industry.

The majority of consumers do continue this tradition for two reasons: The public has trouble truly expressing their emotions or fall to their apathetic ways with little dedication to a truly unique memento.

I am secretly an advocate of the construction paper and glue industry, and every year I will dedicate an hour in making that special someone a homemade valentine.

I know it is the best gift I can give without going broke, and moreover I took the time and effort to glue little hearts and to inscript the card with the most heartfelt message.

The recipient most likely wasn’t expecting a homemade treasure and is appreciative that there is not another one sitting on a self in the promotional aisle of CVS.

An original homemade gift might just be what you are looking for.

Some suggestions for you would be to make a card, bake or cook a favorite food or enlarge and frame a picture of the two of you. You can even give her an oversized balloon with a loving message.

I am an aficionado for anything that I couldn’t create but might be someone else’s talent.

One friend has committed himself to making his girlfriend a wooden jewelry box with her initials engraved.

If my boyfriend took the time to write me a poem or sing me a song he wrote with me in mind, well, initially I might fall over from flattery.

I would be appreciative of a gift with a lifespan, one that could never be consumed, destroyed or expire.

Isn’t that how love should be perceived, unconditional?

Whatever you decide to do, remember that the main objective is to let that special someone know you care.

Best of luck,