Events exposed, pants down

Bethany Dionne

Dorm residents may have read the new series of papers in the bathrooms called “Potty Talk.”

These papers contain information about things to do around campus and are written by the Division of Student Affairs.

Last week, there were several lectures, including Study Tips and “How to Make the Most of Your Free Time.” These sessions have faculty members and guest speakers for students to take advantage of and get as much help and useful information as they can.

At a session last week, faculty members Lori Suderth and Jonathan Blake spoke about their classroom secrets.

Students can win prizes such as DVD players and Palm Pilots for attending.

In the future, there will be sessions about “Making the Most of Your Major,” “Making the Most of Your Work Experience” and also a Career Fair. If interested, look for the latest issue of “Potty Talk,” or contact the Division of Student Affairs.

Many students said the seminars are very useful and they are excited to see how to get ideas and help.

“Because these papers are inside the bathroom stalls, we are forced to read them and become informed of important events going on around campus,” said freshman Cori Witkiewicz. “They give students more to do and a way to gain knowledge and win cool prizes.”

Other schools around New England also provide reading material in residence hall bathrooms.

At the University of New Hampshire in Durham, N.H., all the dorms have folders with different pamphlets for students to read.

The pamphlets are changed on a regular basis and include topics such as finding a major, self-help, diets and nutrition, things to do around campus and facts about sex, birth control and STDs.