SGA welcomes new members

Katherine Rojas

The Student Government Association welcomed Class of 2016 President Johnny Atkin and Vice President Ryan Miller. As well as Class of 2013 Representatives Amanda Hegler, Doug Caggiano and DJ Mahoney.

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Class of 2016 Vice President Ryan Miller (left) and Class of 2016 President Johnny Atkin (right).

After a week of campaigning, the Class of 2016 Cabinet is now complete:

Class of 2016 President:

Johnny Atkin: 282

Class of 2016 Vice President:

Ryan Miller 261

Class of 2016 Representatives:

Matt Powers: 519

Emily Fagan: 458

Bianca Grimshaw: 373

Nicole Giuliani: 358

Megan Reilly: 344

Mark Boulas: 342

Carly Hviding: 340

Kerrigan Murray: 314