Senior Week 2003 in Review

Shannon Sousa

After the second meeting of the spring semester, Senior Week committee members discussed a list of items still to confirm for the senior class celebration in May.

Committee members and the committee adviser shared ideas and finalized dates for certain events. There are two event locations that still need to be planned for Senior Week. Event managers in charge of those particular days will make phone calls to the places discussed and negotiating prices to fit the budget.

Pam McCarthy, treasurer of Senior Week, calculated the financial budget that committee members must accommodate when planning the events. McCarthy suggested ideas to accommodate more seniors into the Senior Week celebration, which would provide more revenue to spend on additional materials.

Other subjects covered during last week’s meeting include a Senior Week theme, decorations and food ideas, the cost of bus transportation, and the cost of various events. These topics will be discussed in further detail during the next scheduled meeting.

As of the last meeting, there are approximately 240 seniors signed up for Senior Week. Committee members encourage all seniors to stop by the information table in Tator Hall starting Feb. 3 to Feb. 7 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. to make the final payment of $200.

Don’t miss out on a week of fun and lasting memories. For additional information or to give suggestions on Senior Week, e-mail Felicity Melillo or Austin Ashe at their respective Quinnipiac e-mail addresses, and look for next week’s follow-up article in The Chronicle.