Student Profile:

Ashley Berry

Making the most of your college experience is exactly what senior David Gold set out to do.

Here on the Quinnipiac campus, Gold has a wide range of interests. He has proven to be an avid contributor to the campus community. As his last semester here winds down, Gold continues to contribute to Quinnipiac in many ways.

Gold, a native of Paramus, N.J., is a mass communications major with a theater minor and is extremely satisfied with his career aspirations. Gold’s attraction to mass communications gave him the opportunity to work and be part of a major project that had never been done at Quinnipiac before.

Last semester, Gold collaborated and produced a serial mystery drama called “Whitneyville.” The series will air sometime this semester, and may have a ripple effect on our community.

Gold’s endeavors also include a part in last semester’s production of “Cousins.” He thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the play.

As if producing a mini-series and having a role in a college production seems like a lot, the list continues. Gold has also studied abroad in Australia with some of his closest friends. He said that his abroad experience was unforgettable.

While studying in Australia, Gold found it to be different very from the academics at Quinnipiac.

“Their work ethic is different,” Gold said. “And they are more critical in their grading.”

However, that did not stop him from traveling around Australia visiting places like Melbourne.

Throughout all this, Gold has maintained a GPA of 3.3.

Gold said would like pursue a career in some aspect of film or production after he graduates from Quinnipiac.