Bus stop covers improve conditions for students

Katie Koproski

The frigid temperatures did not make it easy for students waiting for the shuttle the past couple of weeks, but thanks to some additions on campus, conditions have been improving.

A bus stop cover and new sidewalk were created to help students this semester. According to Joe Rubertone, director of Facilities, with the addition of more classes in the Liberal Arts Buildings, traffic patterns were developing. He said that more people were walking and more were being shuttled over.

“We wanted to get students off of the street,” said Rubertone.

The contractor, Marklyn site, was brought in to install brick pavers, creating a hard surface walkway near the Commons Bridge. The sidewalk was installed to handle the foot traffic.

It gives pedestrians a place to walk other then the street. It goes to the Career Services building, and does not extend because of wetlands.

Across the street, the sidewalk keeps going down the north side of Dorm Road.

In addition to the sidewalk, LaRosa Contractors built bus stop covers to allow students to wait for the shuttle in comfort. There is a cover by the Commons Bridge, and one in the Hogan Road lot for commuters.

The covers keep snow and rain off students, and helps break the wind while waiting for the shuttle. A bench will soon be installed for students to sit on, and the plastic that is up on the sides of the shelter will be replaced with glass.

Currently, there is no bus stop cover by the Landing Zone.

“We are trying to keep buses off of Dorm Road,” said Rubertone.

Quinnipiac is always open to suggestions from students. According to Rubertone, based on observations, there has been an improvement due to the covers.