How likeable is Mitt Romney?

The Chronicle

Blog by Kyle Boucher

During the seminars for this program with The Washington Center, the likability of a candidate was discussed. In essence, the more likeable the candidate is, the more likely they are to win an election. With the exception of Nixon, this has been the case through our modern presidential election process.

Likeability also played a factor in the 2008 presidential election. People liked Barack Obama while others had a more negative view of McCain, seeing him as what could be described as a grumpy, old man. The likability of the candidates will also play a part in this election and both parties know that.

People still like President Obama; he comes off as a nice man who cares for the people. The likeability of Romney was also an issue at first, but from the start of the convention it seems like the Republicans are trying to fix that and make it so the voters like him a lot more. This was evident with Ann Romney’s speech last night; she described her husband in a way that made him seem like he is not the cold-hearted capitalist the democrats have been describing him as. Instead, the speech made it seem like he is a hard-working, caring man who will look out for the country’s best interests, a man who will fix the economic problems we have been plagued with. If her speech tonight did not convince voters to go with the Romney-Ryan ticket, it will, at the very least, convince them to look at him again. Should the speeches over the next two days continue to follow this pattern, I believe that people will start to gain a better appreciation for Mitt Romney and start to like him.