‘Style 304,’ courtesy of sophomore Dana English Hall band Green-Oh

Green-Oh, Quinnipiac’s newest up and coming campus band played Toad’s Place Nov. 5 to promote their self-described “groovaphonic, pimpadelic funk” style of music and self-recorded EP, “Style 304.”
The band, composed of Quinnipiac sophomore guitarist Kevin Spiller, drummer Mike Graves and bassist Rob Bruce, came together at the beginning of their freshman year as friends before becoming fellow music makers.
The trio only recently started writing lyrics and recording songs in the last month and a half. They also picked up a manager, sophomore management major Adam Lefkowitz.
The name for the Jamiroqui meets 60’s rock trio came as a tribute to a friend and former student, Peter Pellegrino.
“We used to call him Green-Oh,” Spiller said. “That’s how we came up with the name for our band.”
“We started having informal practices just for fun,” Graves said, who followed the “like father, like son” proverb and picked up his dad’s drumming talent. “We really started playing together a couple weeks into school and the EP came out a month and a half later.”
The trio played their first stint at New Haven’s music hotspot, Toad’s Place, with four other college bands, including Yale bands Halfway House and Jigsaw.
Green-Oh’s play list included the entire EP recording as well as the two unreleased tracks “Primiaraga” and “Elizabeth on the Bathroom Floor,” a cover of college pop-rock band The Eels.
The group’s album “Style 304” showcases a thread of funk, rock, blues and jazz influences through the five track recording and includes such titles as “Tree Man Strut” and “Sober Day.”
The trio’s EP can be purchased online at mp3.com through their self-titled and producing record label, “Dana 304 Records.”
“We would definitely like to do this record and make music for a living, but for now we’ll keep recording,” said Bruce, a mass communications major in media production.
Green-Oh holds practices in Buckman Theatre from 10 a.m.to 12 p.m. on a regular basis. Students are encouraged to come listen to a new spin on old genres of music.
“The main point of our band is to just make people happy with music,” said Graves.
For more information contact Lefkowitz at x6976 or log on to www.pyband.com/bands/go for Green-Oh mp3’s.