In The Spotlight: Keep an eye on Ryan Morton

Katie Koproski

Ryan Morton, #39 on the Men’s Ice Hockey team, is one to keep your eye on.
He finished the 2001-2002 hockey season as one of the top players in the MAAC- Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference, scoring 33 points for the team. He ended last year’s season by scoring the first and only NCAA tournament goal in the 6-1 loss against Cornell University.
The 2002-2003 hockey season already in progress looks just as promising, he said.
Morton, 23, is considered to be a junior athletically. His teammates call him “Morty.” He plays the forward right wing position for the ice hockey team, a sport he has been playing since he was about three years old. Being the middle child in a family of two sisters, it is no surprise that Morton plays the sport. Morton’s brother-in-law, soon to be brother-in-law and father all played Division I hockey.
He played for the Junior Coyotes in 1999-2000, and it was through his junior hockey coach that he found out about Quinnipiac.
Morton knows what it is like to balance a schedule. A typical day for him starts at 10:30 a.m. when he gets to the ice rink. The team has a video session in which they look at past games to review their mistakes and learn what they can improve on. Then the team practices from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. All of Morton’s classes are in the afternoon or late at night, with the exception of one Friday morning class.
“It is tough to balance,” said Morton, “but it can definitely be done.”
Morton has a good relationship with coach Rand Pecknold, and says he really respects him.
“He is hard on us in a good way,” said Morton, “he gets us above other colleges, and that is what makes us succeed above other schools in the league.”
Morton usually spends weekends traveling to away games, and spending the night in hotels depending on how far away the sports event is.
“The team is a great group,” said Morton, “The guys are real close, and because we are together so often, we are like one big family.”
During the off season, Morton tries to work out as much as he can at the gym and spend time with his family and friends in his hometown, Hampden, Mass.
Academically, he is considered to be a senior. Morton’s major is criminal justice, and becoming a probation officer is one possibility for him to pursue. Morton said he would really enjoy playing semi-pro hockey someday, but for now he enjoys playing with Quinnipiac, number one in the MAAC league.