Lame duck session: pointless

Sean Hughes - Staff Writer

Nothing. That is what seems to be in the minds of Democrats and Republicans across the nation. The Lame Duck Congress is just another excuse for politicians to get together and waste the public’s time and money.
The Democrats are attempting to hold on to their fading power, as the party stands in complete dissaray.
How about new leadership? Now in the minority, Dick Gephart is showing his true colors. He’s a quitter and wants to run for President, but for what reason? Gephart sounds exactly like Gore – dull and boring.
The Democrats have taken a powerful step in shifting their positions back toward the left with the selection of Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California as new House Democratic leader. With her leadership and ideologies she will bring new balance to the political force.
But lefty throwing spin-doctors in the Democratic Party will throw curve after screwball at the sitting Republican Administration. The American people will not be pleased with this approach.
Politics over policy, should that be turned around? Do politicians really switch hit when it comes to playing hardball in Washington DC? How about asking Chris Matthews or Bill O’Reilly? They would probably say that most politicians, even the good intentioned ones, are only playing mind games with the American public.
According to many sources in both political parties the McCain-Fngold Campaign Finance Legislation is just waiting to be torn apart. Republicans will try to finally pursue the Department of Homeland Defense giving Governor Ridge that long awaited cabinet position.
Saddam Hussein will probably self-destruct within the next several months, retracting his statement of no weapons of mass destruction and stating that the weapons slipped past his radar screen. President Bush and other Republicans, Democrats and those few Independent thinkers in tow will remove Iraq, rebuilding the nation state and then returning focus to terrorism.
What’s next on the agenda for the Democratic Party? Domestic issues followed by more of the same resolutions of problems that have been in effect since the FDR administration. Democrats want to always relive the past; they have no future policy.