Back with MTV’s favorite Emmy-winning family

Allison Corneau

The dysfunctional family values of “The Osbournes” are back when the second season of the hugely popular series airs on MTV on Nov. 26.
Viewers are again treated to the antics of the family: doting dad, Ozzy, mom Sharon, daughter Kelly and son, Jack.
This season, the family welcomes a new kid into their home, Robert Marcado, who appeared on the first season as a friend of Kelly’s.
Melinda the nanny and the small pet shop of animals that Ozzy keeps return to provide more comic relief, as a backdrop to Ozzy’s odd, and often ill-received, daily behavior.
Beverly Hills is the location of choice this season, and with a house like the Osbournes’, anything can happen.
Topics dealt with this time around are slightly more serious than those on the first season, but will undoubtedly still provide just as many laughs.
Viewers can follow the family as they go behind the scenes of daughter Kelly’s new recording efforts, the family’s new additions to their herd of animals and Ozzy’s trip to Washington, D.C. to attend the annual White House Correspondent’s Dinner and his hectic tour lifestyle.
The most serious topic captured by the MTV cameras dealt with mom Sharon’s fight against cancer, a real life anxiety that television has seldom touched upon within its numerous reality programming.
Cameras will document Sharon’s cancer treatment as well as her family’s reaction to this life altering event.
Reality TV fans tuned into MTV Tuesday nights will also be treated to “The Real World,” aired on the channel before “The Osbournes” at 10 p.m.
This double dose of reality should prove successful for MTV, and all of America will be watching to see if Ozzy and family can capture another Emmy Award.