Bad Boy rap group112 plays Rec. Center

Jamie Sherry - Staff Writer

The crowd was roaring and music was pumping as the multi-platinum group 112 performed last Sunday.
A group of approximately 900 students arrived at the Athletic and Recreation Center to see 112 and Onpoint, a local opening band. Onpoint’s singer is Junior Mass Communications major Moses Beckett.
112 opened their show with the popular hit “Over Now” and closed with a mixture of their two most popular songs “Peaches and Cream” and “Dance With Me.”
Both tracks are featured on the group’s latest album, last year’s “Part III,” their third full length release on P.Diddy produced and maintained label, Bad Boy Records.
“The concert was highly energetic with a lot of crowd participation,” said junior history major Corinne Richard.
The group allowed Q30 and other members of the Quinnipiac community to go backstage for interviews and pictures.
As part of the Student Programming Board’s (SPB) biannual concert series, the artists performed at the students’ request.
SPB’s concert chair, Kevin Supple, said the group was picked because the freshman class voted it a popular group during orientation.
Once it was determined that 112’s schedule fit with Quinnipiac’s schedule, the upperclassmen were polled.
Every Fall and Spring SPB puts on a big concert to provide students a way to see a major label group or artist without having to travel to Hartford or New Haven and fork over an arm and leg for tickets. Everclear and Wyclef Jean performed last year, and previous acts include Sugar Ray, Uncle Kracker and the Dave Matthews Band.
“We would love to come back to Quinnipiac,” 112 said.
After the concert tonight, 112 is off to record their new album in Miami. They are trying to make “a hybrid of R&B and Rap.”
“I thought I was going to die,” said freshman biology major Katrina McCoy. “The minute they hit the stage my Ledges Ladies and I were all about 112.”
Besides P.Diddy producing and adding guest vocals to 112’s previous records, the group has also received support in the guest department from R.Kelly, Mase, Lil ‘Kim and the late Notorious B.I.G.