‘I’m not asking for some two-ply’

Hannah Alegbeleye

Like the childhood game of ‘Telephone’, news of this year’s discontinuation of toilet paper and trash bags at York Hill finally made its way around the campus. Students were forced to rely on word of mouth to get the update about the amenities that we now need to supply on our own. One would think that Residential Life would inform residents of their new responsibility by email. But no, clearly they only blast our emails with information about where not to park. How convenient.

Quinnipiac has now removed some of our most basic amenities, and continues to do so every year. As a junior in Crescent last year, we had to clean our own suites including the bathroom, which had been done for us the past two years. Then we were informed that the Townhouses, rooms with the largest space on the Hill, were not an option for seniors anymore. Now this.

I’m still living on campus, just like the students at Mount Carmel. I pay the same amount of tuition. If they receive these benefits, why can’t we? Also, if the university is trying to attract upperclassmen to remain on campus rather than move off, Res Life needs to start throwing us a bone.

I’m not asking for some two-ply, Charmin Ultra Soft with embossed patterns or odor-blocking Hefty bags. I’m asking for the basics that were supplied in the past. Though I’ve heard complaints about the quality of the trash bags and toilet paper, the issue isn’t about quality, but rather quantity. Receiving nothing is simply unfair.

At the end of the day, it’s not as much about the extra expense I now have to shell out, but the false perception that living on campus is better. I hate to sound ungrateful, but why am I living on campus as a senior again? Right now all I have is a stuffy room, low water pressure in the shower, no trash bags and no toilet paper. What’s next?

Someone remind me why life is better on the Hill.