The scene in Tampa

The Chronicle

Blog by Daniela Mendes:

August 26, 2012: Today was a very interesting busy day! I started off at the Tampa airport at 8:00am. My job was to ride the buses with the delegates and then collect their credentials once they arrived at their hotel. Today the Massachusetts and Michigan delegates were the ones arriving at the airport and being from Massachusetts I was excited to meet these delegates. While on the shuttle I had the opportunity to speak to the delegates and was surprised at how enthusiastic they were for have just gotten off of a plane. I spoke to a delegate from Michigan who had designed the map for redistricting that had been passed. I then spoke to another delegate from Michigan who was starting a new company called the Repuplicans. He was going to be selling different dog apparel, they are going to say “Bark” Obama, “Mutt” Romney, “Bite Me” for Biden, and much more. Once we dropped off the delegates our bus driver, who was from Jacksonville, got lost and luckily I had a GPS on my phone to get us back.
Then at 6 o’clock at night I volunteered at the Cuban Club event, which was so much fun! I had the responsibility of checking all the individuals in. All the guests were very nice and I truly enjoyed speaking with them and the event was a really fun atmosphere. I also ran into one of the volunteers who was working at the airport with me. We exchanged business cards and come to find out she was a Legislative Correspondent for Texas Senator John Cornyn. I had a blast at this event and the Women whom were in charge of the event were amazing as well. At the end of the night they told all of the volunteers that we were the best they’ve ever had and wanted our information so that if we were ever in the D.C area they would want to work with us again!