How to start a campus club

Sarah Sztuk - Staff Writer

If you are passionate about a particular hobby or pastime and feel that there is no outlet on campus where you can partake in those activities, you are not alone. If you are ever bored or frustrated about finding something to do, then starting your own club may be the answer.
At Quinnipiac University, students are given the opportunity to create their own university recognized club. Any student can do it.
Junior Lauren Wida wanted an outlet for her artistic skills, so she recently started the Photography Club.
“I am passionate about photography and I felt that the University should have it in its program,” Wida said.
She started out at the beginning of her sophomore year, and this year finished the process giving Quinnipiac University the Photography Club.
In order to start a club you first need to go to the Office of Student Leadership and Development located in the Student Center. Then, you will have to outline your club and write a constitution detailing qualifications for membership. Once the constitution is improved you need to find a full time adviser to oversee the club. Once an adviser has signed on, round up at least seven members, and the club can begin taking action.
It takes about a year for the club to become officially recognized. Once that happens, your organization will get a campus mailbox, you will be able to send out e-mails, put up posters and have school wide recognition.
After a club has been around for a full year, it can apply for an office in the Student Center. The club will stay affiliated as long as it continues to have members.
For more information, e-mail Kerstin.Soderlund