QU Dance Company to perform ‘On Broadway’

Emily Wakeman

The Dance Company, a student-run organization, will be performing the first of their bi-annual shows in early December. The upcoming show’s theme is “On Broadway.”
Don’t be fooled by the title, because the show will not just feature dances to Broadway songs, but to a variety of different types of music. The dancers will perform to pop, oldie’s and everything in between. The finale of the show, however, will include dances to well-known Broadway classics from such musicals as “Grease” and “Annie.”
Rehearsals for the show began at the start of the fall semester, blending both returning upperclassmen and students who are new to the Dance Company.
The auditioning students who showed most potential in a variety of different types of dance including ballet, jazz, modern, and tap, and those who had the best performance style, technique, and personality were selected to join this year’s Dance Company.
All dancers then go through months of rehearsals for their respective dance numbers, as well as a mandatory weekly stretch and conditioning class on Sundays.
Because the organization is student-run, the members must deal with other aspects of the Dance Company besides rehearsing their dances.
In addition, the routines are choreographed by any student who desires to do so, as long as they have completed their first semester in the Dance Company. The choreographer also has the task of choosing a costume for their respective number.
About half of the costumes are purchased, the other half are taken from an accumulation of the costumes that have been used in years past. The members of the organization, particularly the officers, also have the responsibility of planning the events and raising the money to fund them.
Senior Christine Grafer, Dance Company’s president, has seen the organization change and grow over the years.
“We’re all friends,” Grafer said. “Everyone’s worked really hard this year.”
She also believes that in her time at Quinnipiac, she has seen the Dance Company become more professional.
Aside from the two shows each year – one in the fall semester and one in the spring – the Dance Company also dances at a number of other events, including Parent’s Weekend, the Women’s Conference and Thursday Night Madness. In the near future, the group also plans to teach a class at Hamden High School.
Quinnipiac Dance Company’s show “On Broadway” will be held on Dec. 5, 6, and 7 at 7:30 p.m. in Buckman Theatre. The show will run approximately two hours. Admission is free but donations are appreciated.
Those who are interested in auditioning for the Dance Company for spring semester should watch for upcoming information regarding the date of auditions. They will be held within the first two weeks of spring semester.
For more information, contact Dance Company President Christine Grafer at [email protected], or faculty advisers Al Carbone and Deborah Greenblatt.