Smoking cessation

Margo Gross - Staff Writer

On two separate occasions, fall 2001 and spring 2002, a group of occupational therapy students surveyed students who smoke on campus. After analyzing the results of this survey, it became evident that many would be interested in a smoking cessation group.
Also, it was found that reasons for smoking were stress relief, anger, relaxation, dieting, depression and pleasure/socialization.
A significant number of students revealed that this habit was one that was unintentional and clearly recognized the need for finding support to break their habit.
Upon recognizing the need for assisting students across campus in smoking cessation, the occupational therapy department sponsored several students to be trained in the “Freedom from Smoking” program through the American Lung Association.
These students will offer a seven-session behavior modification program to assist students in quitting smoking. This group will utilize coping strategies and other techniques to help students replace smoking behaviors with healthy alternatives.
This group will be offered in the spring 2003 semester. There will be information available towards the end of this semester for anyone interested.
If you have any questions, please contact Margo Gross at x8964.