Fox News accuses other news networks of protecting Obama

The Chronicle

Blog by Jordan Siegler:

Today was supposed to be the second day of the Republican National Convention, but because of Hurricane Isaac, today is the first of the Republican National Convention. Today was also my second day working for Fox News as a runner for their morning show, Fox & Friends. As a runner, my job is to greet people who are going to be appearing on the show and escort them to the studio and into makeup and then to the set. In this job, I have been able to meet some interesting people. I have met Fox News anchor Bret Baier, Karl Rove, and former Presidential Candidate Michelle Bachman.

While my job keeps me on the move I have tried to listen to as much of the show as possible. One topic that I caught a small portion of was Fox News alleging that other networks were ignoring certain stories in order to protect President Obama. I thought that this was a very serious accusation that Fox News was making. News organizations are meant to be unbiased when delivering the news. But Fox News is alleging that the other networks are showing a clear bias by trying to help President Obama.

As a journalism student, this brings many ethical issues to mind. First of all, Fox News making that allegation is serious if it turns out that they are wrong it could be seen as slander towards the other networks. However, if Fox News is correct, than it shows a that many journalists today have had a serious loss of ethics. Journalists are meant to gather all the facts and provide them to the people and allow them to interpret them as they feel. It is not a journalist’s job to provide people with only the facts the journalists want them to know. Tonight I will going to the Tampa Bay Times Forum to partake in the first night’s festivities. I am most excited to see New Jersey Governer Chris Christie deliver the keynote address.