Rally planned in New Haven

A rally was planned for Wednesday in response to an Oct. 29 incident in which a bullet pierced a second floor window of the Amistad Catholic Worker House, nearly killing an infant, on Rosette Street in New Haven.
“The purpose of this initial rally is to express our outrage about [the incident],” said Mark Colville, the infant’s father and one of the founders of the Catholic Worker House.
The house serves meals to and provides shelter for the poor and homeless.
It also is one of 18 organizations that belongs to ECCO, which works on issues related to affordable housing, livable wages and blocking the sale of alcohol and fire alarms near schools.
Pat Speer, lead organizer of ECCO, said that the participants will gather at 6 p.m. in the parking lot on Truman Street and head over to Rosette Street.
“The street has to be restored to safety and normalcy. The cops are going to have to do something about the drug dealers and they’re going to have to do something fast,” said Speer.
ECCO plans to talk with landlords of Rosetta Street properties where the drug dealing has been occurring.
“We want to get landlords to take responsibility for the property they own,” said Colville.