Sniper suspect talks about recent shootings

Eric Jackson - Staff Writer

John Lee Malvo, 17, the younger of the two accused snipers in the October shootings that killed ten people and wounded three others, talked to investigators in Virginia on Nov. 8, confessing that he was the sniper in some of the shootings.
This comes just a short time after Malvo said little during his first interrogation in Baltimore.
According to a senior law enforcement source to CNN, Malvo described the sniper shootings as a military operation and said that he and his alleged partner, 41-year-old John Allen Muhammad, communicated by using two-way radios.
The radios were recovered from the 1990 Chevy Caprice that Malvo and Muhammad were arrested in on Oct. 24.
No attorney was present at the time of the interrogationsomething that angered Todd Petit, Malvo’s court-appointed guardian.
“As his guardian, I should have been there,” Petit said.
Petit is trying to have Malvo transferred from the county jail where he is currently being held to a juvenile facility. However, Virginia prosecutors are arguing against this proposal after Malvo tried to escape from his first interrogation in Baltimore by climbing through the ceiling when the officials left the room.
Malvo will plead not guilty in the case, according to his attorney Michael Arif.
If convicted of capital murder, Malvo and Muhammad could face the death penalty.