RAVE: “Java John” returns

Hannah Alegbeleye

Nobody really knows the true reason why Quinnipiac’s famous “Java John” left. After countless speculations, many of which seemed far-fetched, one of campus’s most memorable characters is back in action after a small hiatus.

John Raccio, better known as “Java John,” has returned to the register in Café Q for the morning to early afternoon shift. From his witty jokes to his peculiar way of remembering student’s names, it’s safe to say a trip through Raccio’s line is a cafeteria must. You can’t have a true Quinnipiac experience without it.

“I’m excited about my return,” Raccio said. “Even more so, I’m ecstatic to introduce myself to those who do not know me and reintroduce myself to those who do know me. It’s going to be a great year.”

Welcome back “Java John,” from your favorite palindrome on campus.