Editorial: Keep Quinnipiac’s campus clean

Adrienne Fernandez

Is anyone else bothered by the sight of beer cans, food and cigarette butts littering our campus? Well I am, and I believe that it is about time something is done about it.
For many of the prospective students visiting our campus for the first time, the beautiful view is a major pull. Not many colleges or universities have such a green campus lying next to a mountain like we do.
I, for one, do not take pleasure in having our campus polluted just on the account that people are too lazy to put their trash in the proper place, the garbage can.
Is the idea of using a garbage can so new that people are having trouble with it? I am sure that if this is the case, a seminar on its usage can be held in the Learning Center.
It is simply not fair to the environment, the facility workers who are forced to clean up a majority of the mess, and the rest of the student body.
If people acted more maturely and took the extra five seconds needed to walk over to a garbage can to properly dispose of their trash, this problem could be greatly reduced.
Does it not pain people to see trash on the ground on their way to class? How is it that they can simply ignore it and walk by? Can people really be so indifferent?
I do not understand how people can be so ignorant as to not see the damage they are instilling upon our environment. I do not appreciate having to look at other people’s trash. It is disgusting and uncalled for.
There is no need for litter to be spread about the ground, in the lakes, rivers and mountain as well.
People need to wake up and realize that they are responsible for their actions and that their actions have consequences. In this case, the consequence is the degradation of our school’s land, water and air.
One of the basic rules taught in Kindergarten was to pick up after yourself when you make a mess. Do you know what? That rule still applies today. If you accidentally drop something on the ground, then do us all a favor and pick it up. It is as simple as that.
We are all in college now and no one is going to follow us around to pick up the mess we make. If I had wanted to attend college at a dump I would have done so.
Here is an idea for all of the students who like to drink a lot of “soda” on the weekends. Collect all of the cans you drink and exchange them at the local grocery store. You’d be helping to recycle, keeping the cans off the ground and out of the water, and making some money on the side.
I just hope that at least once this week Quinnipiac students will stop to take a look around them and see all of the pollution that is out there. It is not hard to miss.