Frustration over the process of registration

Nancy Hall - Staff Writer

I must say that I thoroughly despise the registration process.
I am a freshman, so perhaps that fact makes me more vulnerable to the pressures felt during registration. However, I think that some serious thought needs to go into this process to aid the students in making the correct choices for their future schooling.
I have heard such horror stories on campus about getting screwed over by advisers or through scheduling. Friends of mine have told me that their advisors were of no use to them. Now, being new to the college experience makes it difficult to know what courses one has to take and when to take them.
My friends told me that their advisers said it was ok to put certain courses off until another semester, when in reality these courses needed to be completed by a certain time. Needless to say, there are many QU students who will be taking winter or summer courses in order to stay on track of their set courses to complete their majors on time.
This worries and angers me. How are we supposed to trust our advisers after hearing these tales of woe? Isn’t it fair to ask for advisers who will actually help us instead of create more stress in our college life? Thankfully, I have not yet had a negative advising experience, but I am definitely concerned for future issues.
Another concern of mine is the University’s system for registration. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy the convenience of online registration. It is a definite plus on the side of the registrar. What I dislike is that fact that freshmen have little control over their schedules.
There is a two-week registration period, and freshmen are given the last three or four days in which to find classes that are still open and that they actually need to take. Those of us who are placed near the end of this cycle find it difficult to make a schedule with reasonable times and courses.
I can’t wait to get registration over with. There is no need for added stress at this point in the year, as teachers pile on the papers and reports for the end of the semester.