Montage holds bake sale to raise money for upcoming publication

Jenn Press

Homemade cookies, brownies, rice krispy treats, and pies graced the table in the student center in order to raise money for the Montage. The sale ran from 12-6pm on Monday November 11th and Tuesday, November 12th.
The Montage, Quinnipiac’s literary magazine, has been allocated a certain amount of money from the Student Government Association, to create a basic magazine. But, the club has higher aspirations than just the basics.
The Montage has been around since the 1960’s and has a history of dying out. However, in past years the Montage has progressed in size and excellence.
“We have good submissions and we want to do justice to the work that was submitted,” said Meagan McSweeney, editor-in-chief,
McSweeney said she does not feel that the provided budget is sufficient to create the final product she wishes to produce.
“We are trying to make the best magazine we can get,” said McSweeney.
Fourteen Montage members spent their time and money baking around 1,000 treats for the bake sale. McSweeney said she baked ten pies on her own.
“It was really nice for all the students to give their money to bake. It will be very beneficial to our magazine,” said Ashley Zuckerman, managing editor.
Pies were sold for $5 and other goodies were sold for $1 each. After the first day, sales of baked goods brought in over $300 to help the organization.
Members volunteered to sell and promote the Montage for two -hour time slots.
“I think that if all goes well we will be able to publish a better maazine because of the bake sale,” said Courtney Brown, Montage member.