Two fooseball tables added

Dan Altano

Earlier this year, two fooseball tables were added to Moutainview residence hall.
When residence hall director Philip Goduti received word that the tables were coming, he bought 56 foosballs to provide each resident with their own ball.
“We have had nothing but positive responses from our residents, and as of now there have been no problems or overcrowding on the tables,” said Goduti.
The tables were placed on the second and third floors in the lounge near the kitchen, and have become very popular among the students, said Goduti.
“Whenever my friends and I are baking and need to kill some time while our food is in the oven, the tables are right there and are a lot of fun,” said resident Brigitte Himmelstoss.
Mountainview is the only dormitory that has foosball tables at Quinnipiac. However, Goduti said that judging by the success the tables have shown, he sees no reason why other dorms should not be able to enjoy the games as well in the near future.
“Fooseball is an entertaining and competitive sport,” said resident Jason Golden. “We are privileged to be able to play whenever we want to, without having to walk all the way to the game room.”