Quinnipiac goes wireless

Bethany Dionne

Recently, Quinnipiac University has been trying to upgrade to a wireless internet connection around campus.
According to William Clyde, dean of academic technology, any student or faculty member who purchased a Dell Laptop through the school within the last two years should have a wireless connection already, it just needs to be set up.
If a student has a computer that was not purchased through the school, it needs to be equipped with a wireless network adapter that supports the 802.11b standard for wireless networking, said Clyde. The wireless network adapter must also support 128-bit WEP Encryption.
With this system, there is increased flexibility in searching the web and increased availability in using the web. With Dell laptops there is “seamless” roaming, which means that the wireless network will pick up the signal from a variety of locations around campus, said Clyde.
Wireless Internet does have some drawbacks, however.
According to Clyde, the downloading of files such as MP3’s and videos is a slow process. The wireless system only has one-tenth the normal speed, making it harder to download files.
The wireless server that Quinnipiac is connected to is under a base level of privacy and should not be depended on for secure items, sai d Clyde.
When on the server, Clyde advised that students and faculty do not give out any personal information, including name, address, social security number or credit card number.
The wireless connection should be limited to Quinnipiac University students and faculty to avoid further privacy problems.
Wireless access is available in a variety of locations around campus, including the dining hall, the Carl Hansen Student Center lounges, Alumni Hall, the Arnold Bernhard Library, the Lender School of Business Center rooms 108-111 and 113, the first floor classrooms of the Dean Robert W. Evans College of Liberal Arts Center (building 1), the Echlin Health Science Center 113 and the central foyer areas of the Perlroth, Larson and Troup resident halls.
Some areas of the quad may also receive signals.