Need for additional space answered with expansion of Athletic Center

Katelyn McBride

The new 32,000 sq. feet Athletic Center will open on November 14, bringing in new innovations with hopes of meeting student needs and providing Quinnipiac University’s growing campus with a more spacious facility.
Quinnipiac’s ever expanding campus has become one of the main reasons that there is a new addition to the Athletic Center. Since the university became a NCAA Division I program, the athletic teams have become more attractive for prospective students who want to play at the highest intercollegiate level.
According to Athletic Director Jack McDonald on Quinnipiac’s official web site of Quinnipiac University Athletics, “Quinnipiac’s ever growing recreation, athletic training and Division I intercollegiate programs has created the need for additional space.”
McDonald also said the new addition will be “way beyond people’s expectations.”
In order to meet the needs of the many students and athletes on campus, the new addition includes many new functional rooms. The varsity tennis, baseball, softball, golf and intramural teams will use the four new adaptable tennis and basketball courts located on the bottom floor.
Students and staff will be able to walk or jog on the elevated two lane, 200-yard track on the second floor, while games and practices are taking place down below.
Quinnipiac has dedicated more than 5,000 sq. feet of the new addition for an athletic training room and clinic, which students in the Athletic Training program can use for the Sports Medicine curriculum.
The Pep Band, Cheerleaders and Dance groups can use the multi-purpose room. There will be ten new offices and a 700 sq. foot conference room for coaches and student-athletes.
“I think it’s awesome,” said Mike Quitko, head coach of the tennis team. “It’s great for everybody here at Quinnipiac.”
An additional 2,800 sq. foot space for fitness and a new lobby and entry will also serve students and staff. All sports are able to use the new space for indoor practice as well.
“We will be able to use the addition for indoor workouts, use the hitting cages that have portable mounds and have enough room for infield and outfield practice,” said Dan Gooley, head coach for the baseball team.
Even though the men’s basketball team might not use the new basketball courts for practice, Head Coach Joe DeSantis is excited about the new establishment.
“Having a high quality recreation center is important,” he said. “It adds to enthusiasm and recruits become excited when they see such a nice facility.”
Not only are coaches looking forward to the new addition and spacious atmosphere, but student-athletes are also anticipating a wonderful experience with the new Athletic Center.
“It’s really nice because it caters to more kinds of athletes,” said sophomore basketball player C.J. Vick.
Regulars at the Athletic Center who workout on a weekly basis may not have been able to see the new addition yet, but are hopeful that it will have a good impact.
“I’d have to see it first, but I think it is going to be a great experience,” said sophomore Peyton Fisher.
By adding additional facilities for all of the students and sports teams at Quinnipiac, the new addition provides more opportunities for those involved with athletics and the Athletic Training Program.
John Glenn, director of the academic program for Athletic Training will be working with students in new classrooms, which staff will use for teaching purposes. In the new rooms, students will work with computers, fitness machines and a Motion Analysis machine to study human motion, athletic injuries and rehabilitation techniques.
“The new Athletic Training room is nice, because it is so much bigger than the room built three years ago,” said Glenn.