British boy band makes solid U.S. debut

Shannon Corcoran


It’s safe to say that boy bands are officially back, and the British are partly responsible for the new craze.

Not long ago, One Direction released its debut album to millions of crazy girls in the States. Last Tuesday, its older, more rebellious counterpart, The Wanted, made its way across the pond, as well.

The Wanted’s self-titled record is reminiscent of a Backstreet Boys’ album; poppy lyrics, a bit of auto-tune and a natural charm that you can’t seem to wrap your head around.

Somehow, it works. The lead single “Glad You Came” has been an airwaves’ staple for what feels like months now, and other songs off the album, like “Lightening,” are steadily increasing in popularity as well.

However, the gems of the album are beyond the singles. “All Time Low” combines sweet melodies with catchy lyrics, a recipe for perfection. “Satellite” does the same, but in a much more upbeat way, while showcasing the boys’ British accents that likely make girls swoon.

The record departs from its upbeat vibe with “Warzones,” a softer song about heartbreak. The resonating lyrics are a staple for this song, but the softness is what makes “Warzones” incredible. It’s a breath of fresh air compared to the rest of the album. It has boy band charm but toned down a bit more.

The final track on the album, “Rocket”, sounds too much like a Backstreet Boys’ song. The lead singer seems auto-tuned and lacks something that would make it special. Skip this one for sure.

Overall, The Wanted made a pretty strong debut record. It has everything girls look for in typical boy band albums plus the oh-so-sweet British accents. If boy bands are your thing, get it, but just be warned: it might get old rather quickly. Listening to it on Spotify may just be the smarter decision.