Emerging Leaders close fall term

Helen Harrington

Emerging Leaders is an organization on campus aimed at providing an opportunity for participants, mainly first year students, to introduce and develop leadership skills.
Emerging Leaders introduces its’ members to organizations both on and off campus where they can work on personal assessment and reflection so they can become leaders during and after their time at Quinnipiac University.
The organization gets members acquainted with Quinnipiac University programs and off campus organizations so members have opportunities once they have graduated.
Applications for the fall session of Emerging Leaders were mailed to incoming freshmen over the summer. One hundred and fifty people applied, and fifty people were accepted into the program.
During the fall run of the program there were eight workshops, all culminating to the group’s retreat on Oct 25. On this day, the group went to a YMCA camp known as “Hi-Rock” where they participated in both mentally and physically challenging activities.
The camp activities were largely run by upper-class members of Emerging Leaders. These “lead teams” helped current members perform team building and ice breaker activities. Then, members were broken into small groups were they worked on conflict style and problem solving strategies.
There were three sessions at the retreat where small groups worked on activities dealing with values, self-esteem and conflict.
Since Emerging Leaders focuses on preparing incoming students, freshman and sophomores build the program based on suggestions and learning experiences of upperclassmen. The upperclassmen form a “leader team” and help in the group’s activities and meetings.
Returning juniors and seniors ran most of the activities, proving that the learning experience does not end when the session is over.
Last Saturday, Emerging Leaders sponsored the Leadership Conference held on campus. The event was open to all Quinnipiac University students. Over 115 people signed up for the conference and chose from eight different morning workshops, as well as eight different afternoon workshops. Jay Zarr, the guest speaker, opened and closed the ceremony.
The fall session of Emerging Leaders has ended, and a spring session will follow. Students who were not selected for the fall session will have a chance to re-submit applications to the organization.
For more information, contact the student center staff in SC 214. They welcome anyone with questions and want to hear student input.
You can also contact the group organizer at [email protected]