BSU spreads awareness

Emily Wakeman

On a Monday night, when the campus is still and silent and students are working diligently studying and writing papers in the library and dorm rooms, the sound of laughter and joking drifts from the upper level of the cafeteria.
The Black Student Union is an ethnically diverse organization on campus devoted to spreading cultural awareness to the Quinnipiac community, and having a few laughs on the way.
Over the course of each school year, BSU sponsors and organizes many activities geared toward the students.
Their biggest event is Apollo night, which is held in February. Apollo Night is modeled after the show at the famous Apollo Theatre. Comedians and Quinnipiac students show off their talents in performing. The only difference, according to BSU president Sherita Plummer is that there is no booing allowed.
In February, BSU is also planning a fashion show, which will help to raise funds for the many activities that the organization does.
They may organize a Miss Quinnipiac competition, much like the Mr. Quinnipiac competition is currently in place and sponsored by the Social Programming board.
BSU is considering doing hair braiding as a fundraiser.
Each year, BSU holds a potluck supper with food catered from a soul food restaurant in the area. The supper features food such as fried chicken, corn bread, and mashed potatoes. Quinnipiac faculty is invited to this occasion, and it is held in the faculty cafeteria.
The organization is also considering a Back to School Bash in the Landing Zone and the Ratt. The Bash was planned for the beginning of the school year, but has been changed to January when the students return from winter break.
Black History Month is another very important time for the BSU. Their event for this is Apollo Night. There is a separate committee for Black History Month on campus that plans events for that month such as several gospel choirs.
The Black Student Union will attend the National Association of College Activities Conference this year, along with many other Quinnipiac clubs, activities, and organizations.
On top of the many activities BSU, the members of this organization manage to be enthusiastic about their club, and about life.
“The members are very involved this year,” says Plummer. “They are also able to laugh, smile, and joke at each meeting.”
Aside from joking, at the meetings members also discuss upcoming events, fundraising ideas and ways to promote involvement in the organization. The events the organization does are geared toward black students, but Themer said all Quinnipiac students are welcome, and the members of the club are quite diverse.
For more information, e-mail organization president Sherita Plummer at [email protected], or contact the organization’s adviser, Arthur Hayes.
Meetings are held Monday nights at 8 p.m. in the upper seating area of the cafeteria.