RHC aids student issues

Emily Wakeman

It’s evening, and you are walking around in your residence hall after a long study session at the library. You walk into the study lounge on your floor and are greeted by a group of your friends. But instead of reading or studying, your friends having fun and are enjoying a game of Twister on the study lounge floor.
It may seem slightly out of the ordinary, but this and many other programs are currently being planned by the Residence Hall Council. The RHC is an organization on campus that deals with issues resident students have while living on campus. In addition, the RHC is responsible for planning and organizing programs in the residence halls and events off campus.
Residence Hall Council meetings are held each Monday. The meetings are an open forum where resident students can express their concerns on issues that pertain to living in the residence halls. Many students attend the meetings to discuss the issues that occur in their residence halls, or on campus in general. Rather than bringing up small issues to their RA’s, students can bring up these issues at RHC meetings.
Some of the issues that have currently been brought up at RHC meetings include problems or concerns with the shuttle system on campus, and issues with the lighting on campus. The leaders and advisers of the organization then take proper action with these issues and bring the information to the appropriate person.
Aside from practical matters, the Residence Hall Council serves another purpose, which is to make the lives of Quinnipiac’s resident students a little more entertaining and fun.
Over the course of the school year, the organization plans many events.
In past years, RHC have organized a Suitcase Dance and a trip to TRL.
This year, the commitee will be holding a bingo night, a trip to Six Flags, and a video game tournament.
At meetings, students can also make suggestions for other activities and programs that can be sponsored by RHC this year. They are currently discussing other ideas. Both the Student Programming Board and the Residence Hall Council plan campus events, so this year, RHC is trying to distinguish itself from SPB.
“Since RHC is smaller than SPB, all of the members have a louder voice,” said Corey Desmarais, one of the leaders of RHC.
Also, unlike SPB, the Residence Hall Council’s activities are sponsored by Residential Life.
This year, RHC plans to recruit one representative from each residence hall that can report on the issues facing that hall. The RHC currently tries to keep in contact with the RA’s for this information, but because the organization is not directly linked to Residential Life, RHC would like to have representatives who can report this information directly.
The leaders of the Residence Hall Council are four students who distribute their duties equally. They are known as the e-board, and have all been involved in the organization for at least two years.
For more information on the Residence Hall Council, contact Corey Desmarais at [email protected], or contact the organization’s advisers, Brad Zukowski and Jeanne Clark.
They can also be reached at x3385 or by visiting their office in the Ledges, near the Complex side.
Meetings are held in the TV lounge near RHC’s office every Wednesday at 5 p.m.