Future lawyers plan career goals

Contemplating going to graduate school may be a challenge in itself, but debating on going to law school is a bigger battle. Quinnipiac University offers an organization that may be able to guide law students in the direction they want to head.
The Pre-Law Society, started in the fall of 1999 by associate professor of Legal Studies, Jack Leary, has had its hardships.
The society was inactive for almost one year, but now as more students are interested in this organization, it is up and running.
The Pre-Law Society is an association dedicated to students who are contemplating the demanding task of applying, financing and studying for law school.
Taking the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is an exceptionally important part of going to law school. In an effort to familiarize and prepare students interested in taking this exam, the Pre-Law Society administered a free practice exam, in conjunction with Kaplan. The practice LSAT was administered last Saturday, and results were returned the following Tuesday to show student’s their individual strengths and weaknesses.
One might say that in order to do fairly well on the LSAT, a review course is necessary. Review Courses are also expensive. If one should choose to take a review course through Kaplan, it could cost as much as $4000. Quinnipiac University Law School offers a review course as well, which costs almost $400. However, all Pre-Law Society members will get a $50 discount.
For two years now the Pre-Law Society has taken part in fundraisers that help benefit the Boys and Girls Club of New Haven, which is an after school program that helps children, especially from disadvantaged circumstances, become responsible members of society. Last year the fundraiser helped bring in $217 to the organization and this year their goal is even higher.
What is to be expected in the law school process? The Pre-Law Society is designed to help students answer this question. Over the course of the 2002-2003 school year the society is planning to have speakers from Quinnipiac Law School come to speak to aspiring law school students.
Speakers the society has in mind are the Dean of Admissions from Quinnipiac University school of Law, John Noonan, to speak about what law school admissions officers are looking for, and financial aid representative Alissa Dorehety, to talk about financing law school.
Currently the Pre-Law Society has about 45 members from all grades. All majors are welcome to join.
“The Pre-Law Society has helped me in regards to both ends of the spectrum from being able to gain powerful insight first hand, from a law school’s admission counselor, to being able to continually share my own knowledge and expertise with fellow students who have many questions regarding the intricate, yet exciting path to law school,” said president of the Pre-Law Society, Karen Grennan.
For more information regarding the Pre-Law Society, contact Karen Grennan at [email protected] or Professor Jack Leary at [email protected]