Man arrested for criminal trespassing in Commons

Jenn Press

Hamden resident Michael Urban, 23, was arrested for third degree criminal trespassing on campus on Oct. 27, according to the Hamden Police Department.
Urban was let into the Commons freshmen dorm by a student. He was dressed in black and intoxicated with alcohol, according to Dave Barger, assistant chief of Security.
Residents of the residence hall said Urban was found roaming the hallway of the second floor around 9 p.m. in the vicinity of room 258.
“I was on the phone in the hallway on the first floor and I heard a knock at the back door, so I opened the door,” said Michelle Clemente, a resident on the first floor. “I figured it was someone’s brother or boyfriend.”
Clemente said Urban attempted to sit next to her, but then stared and walked past her.
Urban traveled upstairs to the second floor where he wandered into various girls’ rooms and casually sat down to engage in conversation. The girls said he acted as though he was supposed to be there, but they reported to have felt uncomfortable by the stranger’s stares and attempts at conversation.
“[My roommates and I] were trying to put our futon together,” said Deirdre Lyons, a resident on the second floor. “Our door was propped open and this guy wandered into our room and started helping us put it together. We had never seen this guy before in our lives.”
Lyons and her roommates contacted their resident assistant, Teri Callahan, who in turn contacted, Chris Mercurio, the resident assistant on duty, to assist the situation.
Central Duty came to the scene, followed by security. Urban told security that he was in the dorm to help students move in.
Students who spoke with Urban said his explanations ranged from him being a student who lived down the hall to a student who lived on the first floor, a commuter student and a personal friend of President John Lahey.
Security ran a field interrogation report with Urban’s photo and identification and told him that he would be arrested if he returned to Quinnipiac University.
Lt. Richard Dunham of the HPD said Urban was removed from campus at 9:15 p.m. by the police department, with an infraction for simple trespass.
Dunham said Urban returned around 12:30 a.m. on Oct. 28. Security located him operating a car in the staff parking lot. The Gate One guard detained him until police came and arrested him. Urban told police he was on campus looking to meet friends.
Dunham said Urban was taken into custody and charged with a third degree criminal trespass. His photo, fingerprints and identification were recorded, and his vehicle was towed.
Dunham said Urban has not hurt anyone and was released on promise and is due to appear in Superior Court in Meridan on Nov. 8.