Ice cream social bonds sororities

Jenn Press

The Panhellenic Society sponsored a Greek life ice-cream social for Alpha Chi Omega and Phi Sigma Sigma on Oct. 21.
The purpose of the event was to provide a general information session about Greek Life at Quinnipiac. The goal of the program is to encourage girls to rush in the spring.
“It’s a great way for girls interested in rushing to come learn about sorority life,” said senior Kristin Werlinitsch.
To avoid favoring of either chapter, members of each sorority are advised to promote Greek life as a whole, without mentioning personal letters.
“We want to give everyone an opportunity,” said Abbey Smith, president of the Panhellenic Society.
The Panhellenic Society is a national organization that brings sororities together. Members of each sorority serve on the board to plan joint activities.
“It was so nice to meet all the new people and promote Greek life at Quinnipiac,” said Gina Carfi, sophomore.
The girls who attended the social were served ice cream while sorority members answered questions and supplied information.
“I think that if nothing else, I hope that the women who attended feel more comfortable with Greek life and will decide that Greek life is for them,” said Mindy Sutton, Greek life adviser.