Marketing/Advertising Club explores career options

The Marketing and Advertising Club is a group on campus aimed to exchange information about jobs, issues and business methods that relate to marketing and advertising to its members.
The club is affiliated with the American Marketing Association and the American Advertising Federation. Its goal is to help students explore various career options in the fields of Marketing and Advertising. Students have a chance to learn from industry experts who offer valuable knowledge about marketing and advertising skills.
The club provides information about internships and career options to its members. During meetings, the club discusses important things that are currently going on in the marketing and advertising world. The club also invites professionals to come and speak about the experiences they have encountered in their lines of work.
Past speakers have included presidents of marketing and advertising firms, a corporate marketing vice president, public relations managers, marketing communications managers, product strategy and marketing professionals and marketing researchers.
Sometimes the meetings are held in the form of a workshop, such as the upcoming resume workshop and critique in November. In past years the club has sponsored trips to marketing and advertising conferences giving its members a look as to what goes on in their fields.
The club has sponsored an annual event where a panel of Quinnipiac University graduates who had majored in marketing and advertising come back and explain what it was like for them to go from graduating to getting a job in the marketing and advertising world and what some basic career options are.
On Oct. 26, the club took a trip to the annual Advertising Women of New York (AWNY) Advertising Career Conference.
The club is also involved in the AAF National Student Advertising Competition, which is a course at Quinnipiac. The club helps with the set up, and if the competition is held at Quinnipiac again this year, the club will participate.
President Jennifer Tanko encourages people who are majoring in Marketing and Advertising to come to the meetings.
“It is important to come to the club to gain exposure to the fields of marketing/advertising, network, and become affiliated with professional marketing/advertising organizations,” said Tanko.
The club is lead by Tanko, as well as Vice President Lisa DeLoi, Treasurer Danielle Vitale and Secretary Stacey DeLorenzo, who all work to organize meetings and events.
Students do not need to be marketing or advertising majors to come to the meetings.
Meetings are held every other Tuesday at 6:20 p.m., or 6 p.m., depending on whether or not there is a speaker.
For more information, send an e-mail to Jennifer.Tanko or the Faculty Adviser at Renee.Gravois.Lee