Bus stop cover in midst of construction

Katie Koproski

There is good news for students who are tired of standing in the mud and rain while waiting for the shuttle.
Quinnipiac is currently putting down brick pavers to create a hard surface walkway near the Commons bridge for students to sit down or stand on while they wait for the shuttle. Up until this point, the ground has just been dirt, so students have been unable to sit down and relax while they wait.
According to Victoria Backus, member of the Student Government Association, Quinnipiac is also planning to put up a bus stop cover near the Commons bridge, resembling the one in theWhitney Lot, with glass on the sides, benches and a cover.
“We are presently evaluating a bus shelter for the near future,” said Joe Rubertone, director of Facilities.
The school was looking into getting a custom made shelter, which would run around $30,000.
“We have reactivated the search for a pre-made shelter to get quickly and just install,” said Rubertone. “It will be ready-made and a lot cheaper.”
The school is not planning to put up a shelter near the Rathskellar because the shuttle may not keep the same route forever. There is no waiting area in the Hogan Road lot either. But according to Rubertone, he is always open to suggestions, and once the specific type of shelter is picked out, they can look into putting up another one.
“We are looking for suggestions to Student Government on what to do,” said Backus.
For now, the paved area will allow the students to stand on brick rather than mud.