RAVE: Formals are for everyone

Anna Wagner

Greek life doesn’t have the monopoly on formals anymore. This past month we have seen flocks of satin dresses and suits jackets swarm the steps of the Arnold Bernhard Library and the Rocky Top Student Center to take photos. But, you don’t need to wear letters in order to have some classy fun. This season, various groups and clubs are partaking in these glamorous promenades.

For instance, this past Saturday, a formal was held for the various student media groups. WQAQ, Q30, Montage, The Summit and The Chronicle came together for the first time at a media banquet. It was an opportunity to celebrate everyone’s hard work over the course of the year with dinner, awards and dancing. QU Theatre also partook in formal season, as well as the club team New Blue Rugby, which held its banquet at a country club in New Haven.

For the seniors in these groups, this is a last hurrah, and a time to celebrate all of their accomplishments and dedication with the people they have grown close to as part of these organizations. It is a time for student groups to have something social and fun for themselves. Everyone needs the chance to let loose, trade the Uggs in for heels and the North Faces for tuxes. Everybody needs some glamour, especially at the end of the year. Let’s hope formal season keeps growing at Quinnipiac.