QU observes month for breast cancer

This October is the 17th Annual National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM).
The District Health Department identifies Breast Cancer Awareness Month as a time ” to raise awareness about breast cancer among local women, the types of breast cancer screening options that are available, and where and how to access regular breast cancer screenings in the community.”
NBCAM was first initiated by former President Bill Clinton in 1993 and has been observed since then. This year, National Mammography Day was held on Oct. 18, during which, radiologists gave discounted, or sometimes free, mammogram screenings.
Lee Denim Jeans kicked off the month on Oct. 4. To show the company’s support for breast cancer awareness, Lee Denim designated the day to wear jeans to show public support for the research and detection of breast cancer. Quinnipiac University participated as well.
The Irmagarde Tator and Dana English residence halls collectively raised money on Oct. 4 for the Susan G. Komen Fund. Katie Hagenow, a fifth year nursing and history major and residence assistant in Dana English Hall, estimated that the students who participated helped raise about $600.
SGA and other organizations on campus also showed their support by participating in the National Breast Cancer Awareness Walk, held at Bushnell Park in New Haven on Oct. 20.
According to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, breast cancer is the leading cancer killer of women between the ages of 40 and 59. The foundation claims that, statistically, by the end of this year, an estimated 203,500 breast cancer cases will surface and end in 39,600 deaths.
Even with these facts, women are still reluctant to get themselves checked out.
Rory Mifsud, a Quinnipiac sophomore and history education major, knows all too well what it is like to have someone close be affected by breast cancer.
“My close friend’s mom died from breast cancer,” she said. “From her death, I saw how it directly affected someone and it was painful to watch. It’s given me a greater sense of reality on the topic.”
According to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, the key to surviving breast cancer is early detection. The cause of this disease is still unknown and the main risk occurs from simply being a woman.
For more information on Breast Cancer Awareness Month, students can contact the following:

American Cancer Society (800) 277-2345.

The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation (800) 462-9273

National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations (800) 80-NABCO