Practice makes perfect

Katie Koproski

Every Tuesday from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. the “Mesa de Espanol,” or Spanish table, meets and gives students the opportunity to practice conversational Spanish.
The sessions take place in the lower level of the cafeteria by the windows, and a different professor works with students each week. The sessions are open to anyone, and the only requirement is that one must speak Spanish the whole time.
Not only do students practice conversation, but they play games such as Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit in Spanish as well.
Having the Spanish table was a decision made by the Foreign Language Department to provide additional opportunities for students studying the language.
According to Ronald Quirk, professor of Modern Languages, the sessions give students an informal setting to practice what they know. The Spanish table was started last semester and was Quirk’s idea.
“The sessions give students the opportunity to do something other than grammar, and the chance to meet other students with a Latino background,” said Aileen Dever, a full-time Spanish professor.
Dever stated that Quirk cares about the Spanish program and the students, and wants to give everyone the chance to use Spanish.
“Spanish is becoming a valuable language no matter what major you are in,” said Dever. “Having a knowledge of Spanish can only enhance your marketability.”
Some classes offer extra credit points to students who attend the Spanish sessions. Students with ideas for the session are urged to attend the sessions on Tuesday afternoons.