Numerology: life based on numbers

Kellie Gleeson

Numerology can give you a glimpse into how your personality will affect the outcome of your life.
Numerology comes from the Latin word “Numerus” meaning numbers, and the Greek word “Logos” meaning word, thought or expression.
It is the basic study of the hidden messages revealed through numbers of a person, place or thing.
Numerology looks at four basic elements: Birthday, Expression, Life Path and Soul urge.
The birthday is the least important of the four elements. Its only purpose is to derive a number related to the day you were born. This number will give you a glimpse into your personality.
You get the number of the Expression elements by calculating the sum of all the letters in your name. This will give you an in-depth look at the natural abilities you have had since birth.
The life path element is the most important. To calculate it, one should add together the month, day and year he or she was born. This will describe to you major lessons that should be learnt in life. It is the most used element.
In Numerology, it is believed that a person goes through nine life paths. Each life path gets closer to achieving natural goals. There are also the master numbers of 11 and 12, meaning the people who already know their purpose. Few people have these numbers.
The last element is known as the soul urge. It describes a person’s wants, needs and desires. This will also tell you about your beliefs and perspectives. One can determine this number by adding up the number values of all the letters in his or her first name.
To get your numerological number, one can add the day, month and year of birth. Each number needs to be added by itself first. For example, if you were born in December, the month would be 12. You would add the one and the two to get three then move one to day and the year. At the end, add the results together to get a one through nine, or an 11 through 12.
An example of this is as follows:
0+8= 8… month
0+5=5… day
2+0= 2… year
1+5= 6
This person’s number would be a 6.
After getting the numerological number, one can start learning things about oneself.
If the number is one, the characteristics are independence, individuality, leadership and high ambition.
If the number is two, the characteristics are cooperation, closeness, sensitivity, harmony and flexibility.
Three means self-expression, joy, enthusiasm, optimism, creativity and being sociable.
Four means being organized, hardworking, practical and earthly.
If the number is five, the characterstics are visionary, excitement, creativity and progressiveness.
If the number is six, they are being responsible, loving, supportive, nurturing and serving.
Seven means being understanding, having depth and being spiritual, while eight means being materialistic, accomplishing and practical.
If the number is nine it means being selfless, humanitarian, showing compassion and being creative.
An 11 is intuitive, idealistic and spiritual, while a 12 has high ideas and is a leader filled of spiritual understanding of material teachings.
These numbers can be used to look up the elements of birthday and life path. There is a letter grid to the right with the letters and what numbers they correlate with.
Certain numbers also go better together than others. When seeing if you are comparable to a loved one, remember to reduce all master number down to a single digit.
The worst one-combination is one and one. This will lead to heated arguments and clashed egos. The best one-combination is one and seven. This match will lead to endless displays of passion and intellectual relations.
The worst two-match is two and one, because they will also have heated arguments, and a clash of egos. The best is two and four, because it is a steady relationship that will lead towards togetherness and marriage.
The best three-match is three and six, because it will lead to a happy home life with responsible actions. The worst is three and two, because it will lead to difficulties due to lack of patience and interests.
The best four-match is four and seven, because they are a serious couple with serious values. The worst is five and four, because different tempers will lead to solid problems.
The best five-match is five and eight, because the love you have will inspire each of you to work towards goals. The worst is five and five because the two people will have different passions and levels of drama and their lives will collide.
The best six-match is six and nine. This will make a happy couple. The worst is six and seven. This match will have trouble compromising.
The best seven-match is seven and nine. This match has connections on all levels. The worst is seven and eight, because they are too career oriented to listen and respect each other.
The best eight-matches are eight and two because you complement each other and will live happily forever. The worst is eight and one, because the partnership will deteriorate due to lack of trust.
The best nine-match is nine and nine. This match will be very sharing with a large bond. The worst is nine and two, because differences will bring forth large outbursts.