Know before you go: O.A.R. concert

Shannon Corcoran

The O.A. R. concert is this Sunday. If you are planning on going, here’s some advice:

– Doors open at 6 p.m., so if you have a general admission ticket, try to get there early to get a good spot in the crowd.
– Solo artist Nic Cowan is opening for the band. You can check out his music at
–  If you are bringing a guest, be sure to register them and have them bring their visitor’s pass, in addition to their ticket, to the concert.
– Students coming from Mount Carmel should take the shuttle instead of driving.
– Bags, cameras, food and drinks won’t be allowed in the arena, so don’t bring them.
– Tickets will be available until April 22 at the box office, so if you decide that you want to go last minute, it’s possible.

For more information, go to